Money & Speed – Inside the BlackBox


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Data visualizations to the millisecond, a reconstruction of the fastest and deepest drop in U.S. stock markets ever.


Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box

On the basis of interviews with people directly involved at the heart of our automated financial world.

Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box reconstructs the flash crash that occurred on U.S. financial markets on Thursday May 6, 2010. To 14.42.44 hours and 75 milliseconds plunged the U.S. financial markets to not immediately apparent reasons and with unprecedented speed, then after 20 minutes to the old level to return.

Reveals a global financial system that a network of regulated trading floors to a network of black boxes become. A network that is not transparent, and in which is now acted upon by the speed of light. A network, a machine driven organization to become one at the helm.

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